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Our Business

We opened our doors in January 2006, in a tiny tiny studio on Mountain Road. Our dancers and faculty work hard and are very busy, as a result, we have grown immensely since our beginning days! We practice technique, rehearse for performances and strive to be our own personal best. Our dancers are taught that success is not found in, or bound by perfection, rather success is taking our goals (both big and small) and following through with determination, perseverance and sweat, a lot of sweat...We can't wait for you to step through our doors and welcome you into our dance family! 

The Possibilities are Endless!

Dance training is beneficial in so many ways; encouraging good posture and coordination, musical appreciation and artistic & creative expression. Dance encourages poise and grace, giving a healthy respect for one's body and mind. Proper technique promotes elongated muscle, muscular strength and increased flexibility. At The Evjen Academy, students learn to channel their energy constructively. Discipline learned in the dance class can be applied to life and school work, as students learn to be better organized and gain responsibility for themselves and for the others. We are proud to promote an environment of self-respect, genuine care for the world around us and kindness overflowing as we use our talents and techniques to better ourselves and give back to the community. We are incredibly blessed to share with you the beautiful art form that is DANCE! 

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